Tequila Ambar has received wide praise by industry experts and tequila connoisseurs alike. Some of the press mentions and publication Ambar has had coverage on, are:


Tequila Ambar is an Ultra-Premium quality tequila offered on its four categories, Blanco (silver), Reposado (Aged, Añejo (Extra Aged) and Extra Añejo (Ultra Aged). It was developed in collaboration with Master Distiller Leopoldo Solís, the longest-serving master distiller in the tequila industry, and was conceived to stay true to the traditional methods of tequila production.

Tequila Ambar belongs to the “100% Agave” category, which means it is not a “mixto” (mixed) tequila (made only with 51% of sugars from agave). By being under the “100% Agave”category this tequila is made exclusively with minimum 7-year-old Tequilana Webber agave plants, without added sugars from other sources (such as sugar cane, etc), thus providing a product of greater quality and richer tasting notes.

Tequila Ambar (38°Alc.Vol. 70 CL) comes in four categories:

Blanco: Not aged.

Reposado: Aged 6-7 months in American White-Oak casks.

Añejo: Aged 18 months in American White-Oak casks.
Extra-Añejo: Aged 42 months in American White-Oak casks.

Definitely not all tequilas are created equal, and as per its fine quality, Tequila Ambar is recommended as a “sipping” tequila, all the way from the un-aged Blanco, to the Añejo categories.

Anyone who wants to seek a unique experience in fine tequila drinking, is about is absolutely welcome to enjoy the Ambar experience!