Ambar Tequila Anejo - 700ml

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38 % Alc.Vol. , 70 CL (700ml)

  • Premium Quality: The result of 18 months of aging, the Ambar Anejo tequila is an ultra-premium beverage that will offer you a superior drinking experience. Our tequila is part of a small-batch production, made of 100% natural, single-highland agave, that delivers a balanced, flavourful aroma and strong hit.
  • Original Craftsmanship: The Ambar Anejo tequila is made in Mexico, with carefully selected agave cooked in masonry/clay ovens to capture the sugary flavour and strong taste. Also, the tequila was filtered using gravity, a method that resulted in a clear, unique colour and flavour stability.
  • Tequila at Its Finest: Our premium tequila was aged for 18 months in wooden casks to attain the finest texture and colour. It has a darker gold-wood tone with copper tones under light and a thick, clear body, with a very appealing texture and aroma that will delight all your senses.
  • Unique Aroma: This Mexican tequila has intense flavours of preserved fruits such as cherry, pear, with nuances of sweet cooked agave, and distinctive notes of caramel, maple, vanilla. Acquired through a natural aging process, the tequila releases a strong hit and fine aromas that will make you want for more.
  • For All Occasions: With such an exquisite aroma and unique colour, the Ambar Anejo tequila is a must-have for long and pleasant conversations with your loved ones. Packed in an elegant glass bottle with a metal-engraved label, this tequila will make a beautiful present for any special occasion.