Ambar Tequila Extra Anejo - 700ml

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38 % Alc.Vol. , 70 CL (700ml)


  • Ultra Premium Quality: The crown jewel of the Ambar collection, made to perfection using natural, 7-year old agave and innovative technologies to offer you an absolutely exceptional experience.
  • Extra Anejo: This ultra premium tequila is aged for 42 months in American white oak casks, carefully looked-after to ensure the finest flavour and unique colour and careful aging, delivering deeper colour tones and a thick, flavourful texture.
  • Exquisite Craftsmanship: The Ambar Extra Anejo tequila is crafted entirely out of single-estate highland agave cooked in masonry/clay ovens, that allows a steady release of flavours and perfect sugar cooking. Filtered by gravity, this luxurious tequila delivers a clear texture and rich density, that delivers a smooth and fine taste.
  • Distinctive Aroma: Our Ambar Extra Anejo has sweet notes of cooked agave with predominant oak scents, deeper maple, vanilla, and toffee notes, acquired from the long aging process and unique scent of white oak casks.
  • Finest Tequila for Every Occasion: Packed with care in an elegant glass bottle of 70cl, the Ambar Extra Anejo tequila is an excellent choice of drink to celebrate any special moments. The rich taste and luxurious flavour will definitely earn the appreciation and respect of those passionate about the finest drinking experiences.