Ambar Tequila Reposado - 700ml

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38 % Alc.Vol., 700ml (70 CL).


  • Only for Connoisseurs: The Tequila Ambar Reposado edition features a fuller body and a soft golden hue, being aged in American white oak casks for 6 to 7 months for a luxurious drinking experience which is guaranteed to impress even the most refined tastes.
  • Single Estate Highland Agave: This pure tequila is made in Mexico and has a 100% agave content. Our tequila is produced in small batches, from slowly cooked agaves in masonry/clay ovens, perfectly balancing sugar and a unique flavourful profile.
  • Exquisite Tasting Notes: Ambar Reposado has delicate notes of raw and cooked agave, with spice and mild herbal scents, notes of vanilla, caramel and nuts. The American white oak casks imprint the distinctive texture and aroma, resulting in a softer flavour barrelled tequila.
  • Endless Possibilities: The Reposado double distilled tequila is an excellent choice as a cocktail base, at the same time providing a smooth sipping-quality experience. Ideal for special occasions, home bar, parties or as part of your permanent collection.
  • Elegant Bottle: Order this deluxe tequila for yourself or as a thoughtful present for your friends, family or loved ones, and you can be sure to win their appreciation! Our tequila is bottled in a superb, elegant glass bottle, with crystalline, luminous yellow colour and golden tones noticeable under the light.